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Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aids

Evolv AI is Starkey’s latest high technology platform, it is offered in a huge range of styles including a new wireless capable completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid and is available across 5 different technology levels. They have made sure to offer both rechargeable and standard battery options for their custom products as well as Behind-the-Ear (BTE) products.

According to the company, “Evolv AI hearing aids boast our most exceptional Starkey Sound yet. With up to 55 million personalized adjustments every hour, Evolv AI is expertly designed to automatically deliver realistic and genuine sound quality in every listening environment, including cars and other vehicles, so you can hear and enjoy life”.

Starkey has pioneered the approach of hearing devies as part of a wider holistic health approach. They pioneered the concept of hearing aids being part of an overall wellness approach when they first introduced their Livio AI hearing aids in 2018. 

The idea behind this approach is based on the current and ongoing research into the impact of untreated hearing loss on wider general health. For instance, a study suggested that even a mild hearing loss can triple the risk of a fall in older adults. More than that, untreated hearing loss is also correlated with social withdrawal, depression and more rapid cognitive decline.

The Evolv AI not only helps to treat hearing loss but provides additional tools to meet individual goals for activity and social interaction. Evolv AI, like its predecessors  has a suite of sensors which can track your hearing aid usage and physical movement and can also help detect falls. 

Evolv AI range of hearing aids

Their system will even alert your selected contacts if you have a fall. There are also numerous other features built-in to the product itself or incorporated into its smart phone app such as language translation and remote hearing care.

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Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Device Range

Starkey Evolv AI hearing aid range

The Evolv AI hearing aid range is immense. I think it is easily one of the larger ranges that has been introduced in one fell swoop. A lot of the manufacturers are introducing hearing devices from a new platform in a piecemeal manner. Most of the hearing devices are Bluetooth enabled, with the exception of the devices marked NW (Non Wireless). They are planning to even offer a Bluetooth enabled discreet CIC. So you can be pretty sure there is an Evolv AI hearing aid that suits your style.

Five Different Tech Levels

Each of those devices is available across five different technology levels. From the premium 2400, through advanced 2000, select 1600, basic 1200 to the entry level 1000. Each technology level provides differing levels of support and features for sound environments. The higher the tech, the more varied the environments you can expect support in. There are some outstanding features available across every level of technology though, such as Fall Detection.

Starkey Evolv AI Tech Levels

Outstanding Features

Edge Mode

Edge mode is a fascinating feature, it provides a real-time, temporary adjustment to your hearing aid’s settings based upon your current listening environment. The changes it makes are far reaching  and involve such settings as noise reduction, amplification and modifications of other hearing device controls. All done in an effort to improve clarity and comfort. The “optimized” setting will then remain active until you change memories or restart the hearing aid. According to the company, wearers often prefer this setting in challenging (read noisy) environments. A lot of users genuinely believe this is an amazing feature. This feature is only available in the highest technology tier.

Thrive Hearing Control

Thrive Hearing Control is the name of the Starkey smart phone app it offers huge power to the user. It a vast array of controls as well as information about your hearing aids and usage. It is compatible with both Apple and Android products. Typical app controls such as program change, volume changes, an equalizer are all included. However, numerous additional features are also available including a hearing aid self-check, TeleHear and “Find my Hearing Aids”.

Hear Share App

Hear Share is the world’s first app that lets people wearing hearing aids share health and wellness information with caregivers, loved ones or care team members whom they select. The Hear Share app provides caregivers with peace of mind and hearing aid wearers with independence by working with the Hearing aid app to enable easy sharing of information about hearing aid usage, social engagement, health activities and more.

Thrive App

Thrive & Hear Share Apps

Fall Alerts

The Fall Alerts feature is unique to Starkey, it uses the motion sensors within the hearing aids to monitor a fall. If it detects a fall event, the hearing aids can send alerts via text to up to three chosen contacts. The text will alert your contact about the fall as well as provide a GPS location. This can be configured to happen automatically or you can choose to send the alerts manually via the Thrive app. In case it is a false alert, all alerts can be cancelled by you within a 60 or 90 second time window depending on how you have configured the settings.

Fall alerts are part of the holistic approach to healthcare incorporating hearing, communication and balance. It was introduced along with step counts on their Livio AI hearing aids. Starkey claims that Evolv AI has significant improvements to increase the accuracy of fall detection and reduce false alerts.

Connectivity & Audio Streaming

Evolv AI offers a full range of devices with both iOS and Android compatibility. In addition, no matter the level of technology you choose with the Evolv AI line, all will provide wireless connectivity to compatible phones. Newer Android phones utilize the Android Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) protocol, which is supported by Evolv AI. Older Bluetooth phones may need an additional accessory for streaming.

Hands Free Calling

Starkey announced that the Evolv AI products will have hands-free calling without the need of an additional accessory. That is, the hearing aid microphones act as a pickup for your voice on connected phone calls. This feature is available for certain iPhone and iPad Pro models. Android hands-free compatibility is not available at this time.


This feature is only available in the highest technology tier. You can select your language and the language of another speaker for a translation of speech heard by the app. For example, you speak into the phone and the app will translate what you have said and display it on the app in the chosen 2nd language. Then, the other person responds into the phone and the app will then translate their speech back to your native language. However, an internet connection is required for this feature to work. Currently, approximately 27 different languages are available.

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