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We provide the very best hearing aids from all of the premium hearing aid manufacturers at our clinics in Luton, Hitchin and Harpenden. We also back it up with excellent aftercare packages that make sense

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Considered as one of the trusted names in Independent hearing healthcare in England. Providing the very latest hearing aids at the best prices across the South east.

The Latest Hearing Devices From World Leading Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Natural Hearing is an independent hearing healthcare business with three hearing aid centres in Luton, Hitchins and Harpenden. We deal with all the leading manufacturers as we understand that each manufacturer offers different and unique solutions that can help to improve your lifestyle and well-being.


We believe that no one should be limited to one brand of product, you should have a choice, and with many of the High Street chains being owned by a sole hearing aid manufacturer this often limits their scope of choice – don’t be limited by something that may not be 100% suitable. Remember the hearing aid is only part of your journey to better hearing. Through service and aftercare, we will ensure that the full potential of your hearing aid is released.


At Natural Hearing, Max will advise you on appropriate solutions for your condition, but there are many options available to you when selecting which features are right for you. We are on-hand to advise in terms of cost and usability, but the latest technology offers some exciting options for consideration:

  • Bluetooth Hearing Aids
  • Bluetooth and rechargeable
  • Invisible Hearing aids
  • Rechargeable hearing aids
  • Small hearing aids
  • Profound loss hearing aids

Who will hearing aids help?

Hearing aids are primarily used to improve the hearing and speech recognition of people who have sensorineural hearing loss which can occur as a result of disease, ageing, or injury from noise or certain medicines.


How do hearing aids work?

A hearing aid works by amplifying sound (vibrations) which enter the ear. Undamaged cells detect vibrations and convert them into signals that are sent to the brain.

Which hearing aid do I need?

The most appropriate hearing aid for you will depend on your personal circumstances and the severity of your hearing loss. We recommend filling in the short questionnaire on this site and discussing your needs with Max, our lead audiologist who can advise you and discuss available options.

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Home Visit Hearing Care Services Available

Whether you have difficulty getting out of the house due to mobility or are just tied up with a busy schedule, we are ready to work with you! We use state of the art equipment to perform at home hearing testing, hearing aid consultations, earwax removal and hearing aid fittings. It’s a home service that is truly centered on the customer.

Our prices for a home visit Ear wax removal is the same as in our clinic but with an additional call out fee of £40.  So for example if you need wax removed from both ears it would be £65 + £40 call out charge.

ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound Hearing Aids

Gn Resound are a long established hearing device brand that are famous for innovation, especially with Made For iPhone hearing aids. We provide the very latest hearing devices from ReSound at our clinics in Harpenden, Hitchin and Luton.

Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon Hearing aids

Oticon's focus is on Brain Hearing, delivering sound stimulation designed to allow the brain to work at its best to make sense of the world around you. We provide the very latest hearing devices from Oticon at our clinics in Harpenden, Hitchin and Luton

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak is one of the premium hearing device manufacturers. They deliver outstanding solutions for people with all types of hearing loss. We provide the very latest hearing devices from Phonak at our clinics in Harpenden, Hitchin and Luton

Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey is a long established American brand who are rightly famous for the quality of their custom hearing aids. They have focused on the concept of hearing devices as a central part of wider general health and offer some unique strategies and features as part of this idea. We provide the very latest Starkey hearing devices at our clinics in Luton, Harpenden & Hitchin.

Evolv AI range of hearing aids
Bernafon Hearing Aids

Bernafon Hearing Aids

Bernafon is a Swiss hearing aid manufacturer and a stablemate of Oticon. While the hardware is shared with Oticon, the features and strategies used are a little different. We provide the very latest hearing devices from Bernafon at our clinics in Harpenden, Hitchin and Luton.

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex Hearing aids

Widex hearing aids are famous for outstanding sound quality and reliability. In fact, once a person wears Widex, they will never be happy with anything else. We provide the very latest hearing devices from Widex at our clinics in Harpenden, Hitchin and Luton

Signia Hearing Aids

Signia Hearing Aids

Innovative, Forward thinking, Attacking stigma. Just some of the words used to describe the Signia brand. Superior German reliability and quality. We provide the very latest hearing devices from Signia at our clinics in Harpenden, Hitchin and Luton

A One Stop Shop For Your Hearing Aid Needs

Hearing aid sales
– 2 -5 Year manufacturer warranty.
– Various aftercare packages available.
– Spread your payments over 12 months – interest free.

Hearing aid accessories
– Wireless accessories
– Hearing aid wax guards
– Hearing aid domes
– Cleaning and hygiene
– Battery testers

Hearing aid maintenance and repair
– Cleaning and general maintenance
– Battery compartment & door repair
– Tubing cleaning and replacement
– Reprogramming and adjustments
– Evaluations and advice

Invisible Hearing Aids

Invisible hearing devices are deep fitting custom made hearing aids that sit deep within the ear canal. More often than not, they truly are invisible and can’t be seen.  The first manufacturer to introduce modern digital invisible hearing aids was Starkey, they introduced the SoundLens and it began the race across all hearing device manufacturers to introduce an invisible device. Each and every manufacturer has now introduced an invisible hearing aid option.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Modern rechargeable hearing aids on the market a couple of years ago and have proven very popular. The big hearing aid brands took notice of their success and they all introduced them. Phonak was the first hearing aid manufacturer to introduce the modern range of lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids but they were quickly followed by Signia. The other brands initially introduced Silver-Zinc powered rechargeable hearing aids powered by the Z-Power system. However, and unfortunately, the system was un-reliable, causing more problems than benefits. ll of the brands have now introduced lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth hearing aids have grown to be hugely popular over the last few years because of their ability to provide seamless audio streaming. Initially, they were all behind the ear devices, but 2019 saw the introduction of a Bluetooth enabled completely in canal device from ReSound and 2020 was a bumper year for In The Ear Bluetooth hearing aids. ReSound’s Bluetooth enabled CIC (Completely In Canal) hearing aid was not quite a CIC, being more ITC size, and as time has progressed, that appears to be the new standard for ITE Bluetooth hearing aids. Phonak announced the introduction of a Made For Any Phone In The Ear hearing aid which meant Bluetooth connection to any phone, in fact any Bluetooth enabled audio output device from an In the Ear hearing aid. We also saw Starkey announce the introduction of a Bluetooth enabled ITE that was both Made For iPhone and Made For Android. The Bluetooth-enabled ITE devices have remained on the larger size, manufacturers simply can’t get the tech needed into anything smaller.

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