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A Premium Danish Hearing Device Brand

Resound are a Danish hearing aid manufacturer and are part of the Nordic Group. They have offices in over 25 countries and their UK headquarters are in Oxford. They are one of the top 5 manufacturers in the world due to their constantly advancing technology. Since they began in the 1940s, Resound has continued to grow but it is in the last 20 years that they have really started to show their innovation.

Amazing Innovation

They were the first hearing device manufacturer to offer open fit hearing aids, an advance in technology that was at the time groundbreaking. They are also the creators of WDRC (Wide Dynamic Range Compression) which improved sound processing and DFS (Digital Feedback Suppression) which was designed to eliminate feedback. Their most recent innovation has and will make a difference to how hearing aids are perceived across the world. The introduced the very first Made For iPhone hearing aids which were received well both within the profession and for the first time garnered notice from the general technology world.

Omnia Initial Line-up

ReSound is renowned for pioneering innovative solutions for both adults and children who suffer from hearing loss. In the recent past, they have moved far beyond just hearing aids and now include excellent wireless accessory systems. ReSound have become to be viewed as one of the premium hearing aid manufacturers, delivering strong innovation and design. With their introduction of the LiNX™, the first-ever Made For iPhone hearing aids, they again displayed their groundbreaking innovation. They have just built upon that strong foundation since then.

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ReSound Omnia Hearing Aids

ReSound has delivered a new hearing aid platform that’s available right now. The new Omnia range of hearing devices offers ReSound’s latest technology to help you hear better. Packed with both updated and new features, the devices allow you to hear better when attending those complex sound environments like family dinners or celebrations with their best speech understanding in noise yet. The devices are available in three technology levels, the premium 9, 7 and 5.

Three Styles of RICs Initially

The platform was first introduced in three RIC styles, a rechargeable RIC that will offer an unbelievable 30 hours of use, a RIC 61 with a traditional size 312 battery, and a RIC 62 with a traditional size 13 battery. The devices, as you can see from the main picture are shaped just like their previous One platform offering.

Omnia Initial Line-up

Expansion of The Range

Resound has announced the expansion of the Omnia range with a brand new Mini RIC rechargeable, two BTEs and a choice of custom ITE devices:

  • NEW miniRIE – These miniature receiver-in-ear hearing aids are ReSound’s smallest rechargeable style with a gently curved shape that rests low on the ear for a more discreet fit without compromising on sound or comfort. Like all the other RICs it can be matched to your hair or complexion to maximise discreetness.
  • Custom Rechargeable – These hearing aids are designed to look like modern earbuds and offer a custom, comfortable fit, high-quality sound, and rechargeable batteries.
  • Completely-in-Canal (CIC) – These simple custom designed hearing aids are so small it’s unlikely anyone will realize users are wearing them, and as they sit inside the ear canal, they’re protected from wind noise.
  • Behind-the-Ear (BTE) – These user-friendly hearing aids are small, powerful, rechargeable, and can be matched to your hair and complexion to maximise discreetness.

All except the CIC will connect to ReSound’s Smart3D App and feature Bluetooth streaming of audio and phone calls, with hands-free calling for Apple iOS devices.* Each is available in three technology levels (9, 7, and 5).

ReSound is making strong claims with the Omnia release, they say that you can hear your best in noise with an incredible 150% improvement in speech understanding. The supporting study evidence on that 150% number shows that Omnia will provide 4.3dB SNR (Signal To Noise Ratio) improvement to speech understanding compared to their legacy products. While 4.3dB sounds like a small number, for SNR, it’s a technically significant improvement. The video below gives a decent rundown of the system.

ReSound also mentions Organic Hearing, which means that they sound natural, feel natural and connect you to your world naturally. It seems that ReSound hearing aids have become more natural sounding with every new release if my customers are to be believed, so it will be interesting to see what some of them make of the Omnia. They also announced an interesting new feature that will be available on the App that they call Check My Fit.

Check My Fit from ReSound

This feature will allow you to check the physical fit of your hearing aids, it’s a pretty good idea because many new users are never sure if they have their hearing aids in their ears correctly. Having your aids properly in your ears is important, if they aren’t in properly, you don’t get the full benefit. Check My Fit should solve the uncertainty.


Two more things offered are natural own voice perception and 360-degree sound environment mapping. For new users especially, the suddenly changed perception of their voice when wearing hearing aids can be irksome at first but usually fades. The new system will work towards making it a much more natural perception. ReSound say that 360-degree mapping enables users to automatically tune into what they want to listen to and not have the hearing aids choose for them.

All in all, this are fantastic hearing aids and they have been well received by users.

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