Spectacle Hearing systems

Are they for you?

If you're finding it uncomfortable to wear behind the ear hearing aids with your spectacles, or if you've put off getting help with your hearing because you're self-conscious about wearing hearing aids these Spectacle Hearing System are perfect for you.

Which Spectacle Hearing System is right for me?

There are 2 different types of Spectacle Hearing System that can be selected depending on your type and level of hearing loss, as well as your lifestyle.

Air conduction is the most common method that uses microphones to pick up sound around you. Sound is then amplified and transmitted down a thin tube that sits in the ear, to improve your level of hearing. If there are issues with your external or middle ear which doesn't allow sounds to conduct into the inner ear, bone conduction is an alternative. This method delivers a series of vibrations to the bone behind your ear, thanks to the bone conduction element that attaches to your existing spectacles.

Each style uses the latest technology and directional microphones to receive sound from a number of different directions this provides you with a natural listening experience. The small size of the hearing aid makes it a discreet and elegant solution.

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