Pure Primax

Fully featured. Binaural. Effortless.


Ideal for discerning wearers, the new Pure primax combines elegant sophistication with the power of primax technololgy in a RIC hearing aid.Stylish and amazingly deiscreet its design and high end features deliver outstanding qualities so that wearers can hear effortlessly day after day.


Pure primax in detail.

Suitable for all levels of hearing loss, the new pure primax redefines the ease of hearing. IP67- rated for greater reliability. This tiny aid is packed full of advanced features and functionality and, thanks to the eCharger, there are no batteries to fiddle with. Directional microphones deliver outstanding binaural performance while easyTek and easyTek app extend its functionality for greater ease and convenience for the user.








Pure Primax at a glance


For more convenience and more possibilities.

The best accessories significantly extend the functionality of the hearing aids. Remote controls, microphones and charging stations provide an absolute delight for the wearer.


At A Glance

One Button, All Fuctions

The intuitive multi-funtion button adjusts and crontrols streaming, phone calls and programs, and external audio sources.


The LED status indicators for bluetooth, funtion and battery are discreetly placed on the top so that they are only visable by the user.



The neck loop antenna ensures correct positioning for reliable usage and delivers amazing sound quality to the wearer or the caller through its high performance built in microphones.


Ready to use

Conexx is not needed for pairing as the easyTek works right out of the box. Wearers can easily pair their hearing aids to the easyTek, and easyTek to other bluetooth enabled devices.




EasyTek App: Control with a swipe of the finger.

Free to download from the google play store or Apple App Store, The app lets users control there hearing aids quickly and conveniently.


easyTek App in detail.

With the easyTek App, users can change hearing programs, volume, directionality, tinnitus settings and soundbalance. You can even check the level of battery that is left in the hearing aid.