Oticon OPN 1 , 2 , 3 hearing aid review and pricing info.

Oticon Opn gives the brain substantial help in noisy environments


Oticon Opn provides the brain with better conditions to function, enabling it to understand speech without reducing access to other environmental sounds.  This means that the brain will have more flexibility to hear interesting sounds and switch attention if something important happens.  By making it easier to hear and understand sounds, Oticon Opn eases the burden on the brain and thus lessens listening fatigue.


Oticon Opn makes it easier for users to listen to multiple speakers at the same time in challenging environments by delivering a more natural open sound experience. This enables the user to participate actively, remember more of what is being said and leads to better speech understanding.

Oticon Opn will locate where the sounds are coming from, separate out relevant sounds, focus on whats important to you and rebalances the sounds to make them more distinct and easier to recognise thus freeing up resources in the brain to help with improving the storage and recall of information.




The Oticon OPN 1 is the only model from oticon's new platform to be released at this present moment. However, there is rumour that more sizes and tech levels will be released in February 2017.

The technology inside is superior to anything else out there.  It has 11 cpu cores.  Just to give you an idea of how advanced that is; the most a hearing aid has so far is 4 cores (quad core).  The Oticon OPN has 64 channel processing.  Currently the Siemens Primax had the highest at 48 channel processing.  Another comparison is that the Oticon OPN does 1.2 billion calculations per second.  The Siemens Primax does 350 million calculations per second.

All this technology allows the hearing aid to process sounds lightning fast thus improving the ability to hear better in noise with less effort.

New hearing aids are improving their connectivitiy and the Oticon OPN is no different.  It works on the 2,4ghz low energy bluetooth but at the same time the hearing aids process sounds binaurally using near field magnetic induction.  Oticon call this dual connectivity.  Connect directly to Apple devices for direct to hearing aid audio streaming, handsfree connectivity and remote control features via the free downloadable app. 

The oticon OPN excels in the wireless audio streaming.  All made for iPhone hearing aids stream audio at a low bitrate which translates as poor sound quality.  A little bit like music through a low quality radio.  The oticon OPN has managed to stream audio at 64bit which is cd quality.  This has been commented on by many people as the best they have heard.

Finally, using either a Samsung galaxy / Apple device, these Oticon hearing aids can connect to the +IFTTT (internet) network which opens up the world of home and business automation.

The Oticon Opn truly is a ground breaking hearing aid with technologies that we didnt think was possible.  It is NEW so there isn't many reviews out there but we are excited about what this new hearing aid can do.  We would welcome you to try it and give us feedback.

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