Siemens Aquaris Micon

Water, dust or shock they can't stop you with the new Siemens Aquaris. The first truly waterproof hearing aid from Siemens. Siemens Aquaris Micon is built tough, designed to impress, and engineered to perfection. Discover how you can enjoy every decibel of life without any limits. The pool, the shower, the pouring rain, Siemens Aquaris Micon goes where no other hearing aid dares and comes out completely unharmed. That's because, unlike others, Siemens Aquaris Micon is not only water resistant, it's truly waterproof. Proven waterproof.

Most hearing solutions require you to avoid water and moisture, limiting what you can do. Siemens Aquaris Micon shatters these previous limitations. It's housing shell and battery door are completely sealed to make sure no water sneaks in, while its revolutionary membrane provides exceptional water protection. In fact, Siemens Aquaris Micon can be completely submerged in water up to 3 feet (1 m) for 30 minutes with no damage to the instrument. Keep the conversation flowing.

In addition to being waterproof, the Siemens Aquaris Micon comes with a swimming program that ensures improved speech clarity and reliability. Now you can enjoy your day at the pool with friends without worrying about your instruments. Of course, Siemens Aquaris Micon is just as robust in the rain or shower. And all you need to dry the Siemens Aquaris Micon is a gentle shake and a clean cloth.= No extra devices, no capsules, and no hassles.

Sweat and dust resistant
From your personal best workout to a rugged construction job: nothing stops the Siemens Aquaris Micon. It efficiently repels perspiration, dust, and dirt to keep your hearing in top form. Siemens Aquaris Micon is the ideal solution for individuals who spend a lot of time in humid or dusty environments, such as mountain bikers, construction workers, runners, and even farmers. Thanks to its water-repellent soft-touch surface, Siemens Aquaris Micon is ultra robust and resistant to moisture. Even the most excessive perspiration is no sweat for Siemens Aquaris Micon. It's watertight housing safeguards against corrosion, so you can enjoy the use of your hearing instruments longer without worrying about repairs.

While most hearing instruments are sensitive to mechanical stress, Siemens Aquaris Micon is virtually shockproof. It's the ultra robust hearing solution available for your active lifestyle. Siemens Aquaris Micon's extreme resilience is made possible by its ergonomic shape and soft-touch lacquering. This high quality, soft rubber surface ensures that your instruments sit snugly on your ears and prevents them from slipping off. Siemens Aquaris Micon stays put even in the most critical and demanding situations, like your fast-paced tennis match or the start of a marathon. Siemens Aquaris Micon stays with you so you can hear and perform your best, without worries.

Sport Clip
With the optional Sport Clip, you'll be the one flying for the ball, not your hearing aids. It affixes to the Siemens Aquaris Micon securely to prevent the displacement or loss of your instruments while you're engaged in demanding sports or in rugged surroundings.

Features of the Siemens Aquaris Micon:

Feedback whistling can occur with many hearing instruments, particularly in complex environments. Thanks to the unique Siemens FeedbackStopper, Siemens Aquaris Micon can quickly stop whistling before it starts.

Hear what's said behind you. The sounds of your world are all around you. Sometimes, the most important sounds can come from behind or next to you. The Siemens Aquaris Micon is equipped with SpeechFocus. SpeechFocus constantly scans your environment and automatically detects when someone is speaking to you. No matter what direction the voice comes from, it will help you hear clearly and effortlessly. In fact, SpeechFocus has been proven to increase intelligibility by up to 40% for speech coming from behind.

SoundLearning 2.0
Learns how you like to listen. Not all sounds are created equal, and each situation requires unique settings. Siemens Aquaris Micon adjusts itself automatically. It's SoundLearning 2.0 learns how you adjust your instruments and, over time, does it all for you. 

Sound Brilliance
Extends high-frequency sounds for a fuller, richer listening experience. SoundBrilliance analyzes input signals and adds artificial high frequencies to the output. The perceived effect is a more brilliant¬Ě sound quality.

Sound Smoothing
Softens sudden annoying noises for a more pleasant listening experience.

In order to reduce wind noise, Siemens eWindScreen actively detects the presence of wind and reduces its distracting effects.

Speech Enhancement and Noise reduction
Work together to suppress all kinds of unwanted noise and ensure speech remains intelligible.Siemens Aquaris' unique waterproof technology wasn't created overnight. Years of careful research and development went into Siemens Aquaris Micon to make sure that water, dust and dirt don't. To make sure that Siemens Aquaris Micon's housing is totally watertight, it is produced from one complete piece and attached to the battery compartment using a silicone sealant. This seamless housing prevents moisture from being sucked inside. Conventional water resistant instruments can withstand splashes at most.

Siemens Aquaris Micon is a BTE (Behind-The-Ear) hearing aid that covers a wide range of hearing losses from mild to moderately severe. Depending on your hearing loss and personal preferences, it can be fitted with a slim LifeTube or individual ear mould and comes in two performance levels. For swimming, you'll have a custom-made soft ear mould to prevent water from getting in. Simply switch the ear pieces, and in you go. Siemens Aquaris Micon suits your hearing needs as well as your active lifestyle. Its sporty, ergonomic design is available in a choice of five nature-themed colours.

Wireless Connectivity
Siemens Aquaris Micon works seamlessly with the Siemens miniTek wireless enhancement devices. The miniTek wirelessly connects to the Siemens Aquaris Micon to your favorite audio devices. They stream sound from Bluetooth (wireless technology) enabled phones, MP3 players, TVs, and other audio sources directly to your hearing aids in true stereo. This means phone signals are transmitted to both your ears. miniTek turns your hearing instruments into state-of-the-art wireless headsets. Just put your MP3 player in your pocket and enjoy a run in the woods, with no headphone wires getting in your way. You can use them to make, take, and end calls, and adjust the volume on your TV or stereo. Simple, seamless, and wireless perfect for those on the go.

The Siemens Aquaris Micon Enjoy Life without limits

The Siemens Micon range has been superceded but as of yet the Aquaris can only be obtained at the Micon tech level.

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