Cellion Primax The New Battery Free Rechargable Hearing Aid.






The world‘s first inductive charging hearing aid with lithium-ion 2.0 charging technology


A versatile RIC that covers all hearing losses.



The new Cellion primax hearing aids are available for nearly all hearing losses. Cellion can be fitted with various domes or custom molds so that anyone can benefit from the new, rechargeable Cellion primax.



24 Hours operating time even when streaming.

Cellion primax is the first hearing aid that is fully rechargable with no need to change batteries, Regardless to the hearing loss this impressive hearing aid can run for at least 24 hours with unlimited streaming.

Unrivaled by any other hearing aid the powercells have a life span of several years easily lasting the lifetime of the hearing aid. No need to worry about a new battery cell as we have made this easy to replace by a hearing care professional.


Still a small hearing aid.

Cellion primax is the only wireless and contact-free chargeable hearing aid in the world. Even know this has all this impressive technology inside it is still one of the smallest hearings aids in general, being slighty bigger than the Pure primax.





Low battery? no need to worry, fully recharged in just 4 hours.

Intelligent Charging and mobile charging ready

Cellion primax has to be charged for only 4 hours before it is ready to use for 24 hours with full audio streaming. A 30 minute charge will give the Cellion primax more than 7 hours runtime. Due to the hearing  aids being rechargeble you no longer have to think of batteries making it easy for those that have trouble removing and inserting batteries, not only this but saves money and is eco-friendly.

Easy charging.

As for the charger no need to worry about left and right as the hearing aids can be inserted into either charging ports. For travelers, the charging unit is equiped with a micro usb interface,enabling a charging of the hearing aids with nearly and usb compatible power source.



We are pleased at naturalhearing to be able to offer you this amazing product for more information please contact us on 0800 999 5992.