Hearing loss is the 3rd most common chronic health problem effecting older adults. Individuals with hearlng loss often experience symptoms of depressive behaviour and social isolation.

There is also evidence that older adults with hearing loss have a poorer cognitive performance. Two studies over 5 years have show the connection of hearing loss with cognitive decline. Despite it's high prevalence and health outcomes, hearing loss is still the least diagnosed and therefore not treated with almost two thirds of older adults not wearing hearing aids when they need them.

What scientists found was that people with hearing loss, wearing hearing aids and who were socially active experienced cognitive decline at a similar rate to those who had normal hearing.  Basically, by wearing hearing aids you reduced cognitive decline.  This isn't just because of hearing aid usage but the consequences of wearing hearing aids.  People could communicate better and therefore socialised more.  By wearing hearing aids you could Increase participation in social gatherings, improve your mood and reduce cognitive decline.