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ReSound Verso is an advanced hearing solution that lets you tune in to all the voices and sounds that matter most to you. Instinctively and wherever you are. Thanks to breakthrough technology that gives you a true-to-life hearing experience, you will engage naturally with the world around you. Like second nature.  


ReSound Verso uses unique technology that supports the way hearing naturally works. We call it Binaural Fusion. It ensures that the two hearing aids work as one system to pick up all the sounds around you, compare notes and balance what you hear. This gives you incredibly accurate and clear sound – for a more natural hearing experience. 



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More opportunities  

With the Resound Verso making all sounds audible and perfectly balanced, you get a more natural sense of what’s going on around you. You know which sounds are loudest, how close they are, and where they come from. So you can react and respond naturally to what you want to hear.  


More focus  

When you have full awareness with the Resound Verso, you have a much greater ability to focus on voices and other sounds you want to hear. Even in very difficult listening situations, like having a conversation in a noisy restaurant.  


More freedom  

When you’re on the go, moving from one place to another, the Resound Verso automatically adapts to provide you with the ultimate sense of understanding and awareness. So hearing is easy and comfortable wherever you are.   


Even in the most strenuous listening situations, you’ll notice that ReSound Verso makes sounds clearer and more nuanced– and hearing more comfortable. That’s because ReSound Verso comes with the best sound quality available. So soft voices, high notes in music – even birdsong – will sound natural again. 


Clear, comfortable calls 

With the Comfort Phone feature, you’ll be able to answer the phone without even being reminded that you’re wearing a hearing aid. Your phone calls will be wonderfully clear – with voices that sound natural. The volume on your non-phone hearing aid will be lowered automatically, so you’ll be able to focus fully on your conversations without losing a sense of what’s going on around you. 


Notice every note 

You get an amazingly clear and rich music experience with the new Music Mode setting on the Resound Verso. It cleverly preserves the tones and nuances of music, to achieve excellent sound quality. So all your music can come alive. 


Durable and reliable 

Every ReSound Verso model is protected inside and out by iSolate nanotech coating so any kind of moisture just rolls right off – which means they’ll last longer and let you engage in all kinds of activities. 


ReSound Verso comes in wide range of models designed to make wearing a hearing aid as comfortable as possible. Every model is small and powerful for its class. They’re also sleek and discreet – including some of the smallest hearing aids available. And your hearing care provider can tailor the settings to give you a perfectly customized, premium solution.


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